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Welcome to the Washington Gender Alliance Web Site

The Washington Gender Alliance is an all-volunteer, community-oriented support and educational organization. We are dedicated to helping people deal with the issues of gender identity and/or expression, be it their own or of someone in their lives.

We are a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to serve individuals and communities throughout the State of Washington.

Introducing Our New Online Support Group

Our Support Groups page provides information about what you’ll need, how to get it and how to participate in our online group. There is also information and discussion about our new online group in our Facebook Group.

Announcing Our New Skagit Group

The Skagit County Group will begin as soon as we resume our in-person support groups, after the coronavirus threat has passed. Our first group began in Bellingham in 1996. Six years later, in 2002, we expanded to Everett. Now, in 2020, our Skagit County group will begin. We invite communities to join our alliance.

We currently conduct support groups in these Washington State locations:
• Bellingham
• Everett
• Skagit County (Burlington)

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